Here at The Improv Cook, we believe everyone can love cooking! We offer classes to help introduce you to the idea of cooking improvisationally – that is, with whatever you have in your kitchen, and with recipes you feel comfortable throwing together! You don’t need another cook book or another Pinterest board of great ideas – you can come up with really delicious, Instagram-worthy go-to meals right from your own inspiration.
Here we’ll offer classes to get you into the Improv Cook lifestyle – a lifestyle we think is worth adopting!


Details & Info

Each week of Improv Cooking 101 includes exclusive sections with custom content according to the theme of the week. Each part will give you an in-depth lesson on a different element in the art of cooking.

The Elements:

The Improv Bite

The Improv Bite is a weekly podcast embedded in each of the 8 weeks of the course. The podcast interviews a unique Improv Cook each week– sharing interesting dialogue asking stimulating questions that will both teach and encourage the listener to get on and to get in the kitchen.

Recipe Variations on a Theme

Each week features a new staple ingredient each week on which the class is built around. This ingredient is explored to it’s fullest potential in multiple weekly recipes that involve different preparation and cooking techniques to add to your mental cook book. The possibilities are endless!

Tips & Tricks

The Improv Cook’s hand-picked tips and tricks feature an array of unique tips that will make the cooking and preparation process easy and efficient.

Everyone knows a key element to every recipe is the spices. The Improv Cook is a master of a little bit of this and maybe a little bit of that! This section will go in-depth into which spices work with what. Additionally, each week will teach you how to create budget-friendly spice mixes that will save you money and improve any dish in under a second!

In The Pantry & Fridge

In the Pantry & Fridge section teaches and encourages healthy and important habits that leads to a well-oiled body, mind, and kitchen. Tips on organization, time-management, and post-prep practices will guide you to having the best cooking experience and keep you coming back to the kitchen.


The Improv Cook uses social media, mainly Instagram, to interact and connect with our student community using the #improvCooking hashtag. After each lesson, you can connect with us by taking a picture of your delicious creation and get the opportunity to be featured in our sidebar.

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