Meet Kat Frati–The Improv Cook

Kat Frati is the creator of the Improv Cooking School. As a cancer survivor and mother of four children, cooking healthy meals became an essential and important part of her daily routine.

But it wasn’t always that way. As a child, she started out eating quick, processed foods. Her mother didn’t cook much else while growing up, so Kat’s knowledge of cooking and nutrition was very sparse.

It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with a form of cancer called Hodgkins Lymphoma did it become clear to her that learning how to cook nutrient-based meals was very important.

The journey was rocky and bumpy. There were flops and more illness, but she didn’t give up. By cooking daily for herself and family, she was able to develop a repertoire of delicious meals that everyone enjoyed–and felt good after eating.

While it was great that she could amaze her family and friends by opening the refrigerator and pantry and create a beautiful & healthy meal out of any ingredients available, she knew it was important to train her children to cook this way, too.

Thus, the Improv Cooking School.

Developed to guide a beginner or average cook to higher culinary grounds, the Improv Cooking School will take you on a journey where you will not only learn new cooking techniques, but be encouraged to develop your own repertoire of recipes designed to please YOUR palate and health needs.

The Improv Cooking School incorporates videos, podcasts, written instructions, photos, and lots of encouragement to help you improve your cooking skills, with the hope that you will be able to sustain your good health in an economical, yet beneficial, way.

It is also Kat’s wish that you begin to really enjoy cooking as she shares tips and tricks with you, and teaches you how to ¬†use a “cooking palette” designed to create balanced meals to please your own palate and nutritional needs.

All of this training includes a private community Facebook group and access to Kat for more training and encouragement. She will also invite you to share your progress and creations with the group and use the social media hashtag, #improvcooking, to celebrate your successes and share your flops. You never know who YOU may inspire along your culinary journey.

Kat believes that anyone can learn how to become a good cook, and looks forward to having you join the Improv Cooking School community. She is especially excited to see what kind of delicious and nutritious Instagram-ready meals you can create!


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