Improv Cooking

What’s in your pantry?

There are many ways to learn the fundamentals of cooking:

  • Watching others cook
  • Taking cooking lessons
  • Trying recipes
  • Tasting other people’s food and finding out what tastes/ingredients pleases
  • you
  • Deconstructing a meal you just ate at a restaurant and replicating it at home
  • Learning what foods are generally healthy
  • Learning what foods are specifically healthy FOR YOU and learning to cook variations of them

The Improv Cooking School encourages you to try all these methods when learning to improve your cooking skills. It provides a multidimensional approach to teaching and inspires you to cook outside of your box and comfort zone.

Let’s Get Cooking

Read about the story behind The Improv Cook by Kat Frati


Latest Recipes

You can learn to become an Improv Cook!

Greens with Mexican Eggs

I just love eggs that are perked up with salsa. This dish is loaded with complimentary vegetables that are typically used in Mexican food: Black turtle beans, avocado,

Fresh Berry & Greens Salad

This simple salad has become very popular in restaurants lately, but even more popular with my family and friends. The crispness of the peppers and cucumbers, combines well

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